Chef Deniz Kader

Culinary Art Basil Miami 2012Since attending L’Academie de Cuisine a decade ago, Chef Deniz Kader eponymous reach has lit up eateries from the Mediterranean to Manhattan. Foodies and the famished with a craving anywhere from baked eggplants to fresh-from-the-oven breads and cheese to anything with pine nuts to pomegranates have been embraced by Deniz’s mastery in the kitchen.

Culinary Art Basil Miami 2012The sole Turkish female chef in the Big Apple she swam upstream to establish Izmir Delights; a catering company that elevated her fame as “the New York pizza master”.  The press took note and glowing reviews began to appear in  the Times Record News, The Wichitan, and Turkish publications Gazete and Yenigun.  Her mastery in the kitchen has been evidenced at Sofia Wine Bar, New York Pizza Suprema.  She teamed up with Food Networks celebrity chef Scott Leibfried for charity events and has feted the staff of the New York Times and the Turkish Embassy-New York among them.  The Turkish Culture and Tourism Office is providing her partial sponsorship with plans to author the first Turkish cook book to reveal her take on the essence and delights of Turkey.  With her gourmet fare, stylish presentations and personal approach to events,  Deniz continues to put her own distinctive stamp on the culinary arena.

Chef Deniz