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The Climate Change Forum ( is set for December 6-7 located in the Habtoor Palace Dubai LXR and other locations in Dubai.  The global CC-Forum Summit will coincide with COP28  (Conference of Parties), November 30 to December 12, 2023.  ArtBasil has curated a calendar of Endorsed Eco Events in both locals Dubai and South Florida.


A person smiling for a selfieDescription automatically generatedMiami, FL/  Climate Summit COP 28 – coinciding with the 9th edition of the Climate Change Forum ( and South Florida’s 18th Art Basel – Art Miami and Art Basil. org  will concurrently un-spool December 1 – 12. The occasions commemorate a watershed year.


The pendulum has swung from questioning the veracity of Climate Change to even Florida’s fringe of climates deniers coming to terms that an inundated statewide aquifer (  an underground layer of water-bearing, permeable coral rock) is evidence of  “Climate Change” in real time.  With Florida’s 13 of the 25 most susceptible areas in the country there are those  who dispute the cause; from the fulfillment of ancient prophesy to obscene consumption. Whether CC-Forum, COP 28, Basel-Miami or ArtBasil, the producers concur on one point, “We are either rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic or strident environmental and societal agendas are in place to change the course of destiny for all living beings.”

Whether hell or high water; the estimated 35,000 activists representing 198 nations in Dubai and an estimated 70,000 collectors, gallerists ,art aficionados and artists (both lower and upper case ‘A’) are arriving simultaneously on both shores.  With more Gulfstream private jets than tarmacs to land them, the 1% ers are poised to voraciously consume in Miami 3 billion dollars of collectible Contemporary Art (including a banana taped to a wall that has either appreciated in value or ended up as compost) and the CC-Forum and COP 28 in Dubai with guests and participants aiming to bridge the gap between business for the greater good while concurrently advancing environmental mandates and social justice.



 Miami Beach-Tuesday – December 5 – Open to the public – Deborah DeSilets Presents Morris Lapidus ( Fontainebleau Miami Beach Architect)– retrospective with Fashion Show – Ritz- Carlton, South Beach

Miami Beach-Tuesday – December 5 – National Hotel 1677 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 33139 – BitBasel and VC Tim Draper a gala occasion to pitch your ‘Start-Up’ live while filming “Meet The Drapers” Here is your chance to seed your company with $50,000 to a million dollars. Sponsorship

Apply here: Sign up here: The deadline is November 24th!

Dubai – December 6 – Opening Proceedings Climate Change Forum ( Underwriters and Media Partner Contact Max Studennikoff, Founder and Executive Director (or) Press Liaison 301-220-9118, Cristiane Roget

Habtoor Palace , Dubai

Dubai – December 8 CC-Forum to Broadcast Live From Dubai to Miami

Hollywood , FL – December 8 – Hard Rock ‘Daer Day ‘Club, 1 Lucky Street – Celia Evans, Founder Planet Fashion TV – Produces – The Art of Seduction

Toronto – April 6 – 2024 Dressed to Kilt – Toronto Founders Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll and the late Sir Sean Connery – Co-Founders


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If you wish to attend please reach out for details and to secure VIP status during this week.  We are assisting as a press liaison and in  travel logistics.

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The Turn of the environmental wheel takes hold the first of December with over 193 countries, countless events and the Tri Annual Climate Change Forum ( set throughout Dubai UAE.  CC-Forum /COP 28 is intent on rolling back the damage humankind has done to our environment.  “Because habitable planets are few and far between”.


CC-Forum – Climate Change Forum has created a global groundswell of conscious raising, high net-worth meet-ups of distinguished investors in sustainable development.  The gatherings are held to inspire, educate, and advance a burgeoning paradigm shift in how we steward our planet.  The clarion call is to take environmental sinners, polluters and greed driven corporations to task while arriving at planetary saving solutions.

The Climate Change Forum is unique in that the fluid ad-hoc organization, under the guidance of London based Founder and Executive Director Max Studennikoff  and an intentional board of advisers, is without a charter or secretariat, not unlike the G20 and Earth Day global confabs.

CC-Forum  advances inclusive growth, climate ‘finance’ for more representative ‘multilateral institutions’ and aggressive progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  We continue to grapple with the fallout of war, a planetary pandemic, obscene consumption and sea level rise.

The CC- Forum founded in 2017 serves as a tri – annual stage for high net worth individuals, business titans, family offices, royalty, equity financial institutions, thought leaders, visionaries and the world’s most principled and advanced scientific minds joined by celebrated classical performers and activists.  Think Placido Domingo meets Julian Lennon.

The three-day forum held last year in Manama-Bahrain and London-England secures investment and explores opportunities in sustainable development. While forging life long peer-to-peer relations the most advanced and innovative environmental solutions are subsidized.

While participants bypass geo political fault-lines, eschew ideological conflict, avoid grandstanding, avarice and intractable regulations that impede progress.  CC-Forum is founded on the principle of courteous cooperation and collaboration.

As Narendra Modi , India’s Prime Minister and head of the  GTO Summit espouses ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’,  ‘One Earth – One Family – One Future’.


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