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DRAFT I Article 2



By: Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent AdAvenueGroup/Forbes France

Miami Beach/FL The USA CBD Expos standout beverage was the launch of Coldfire Roasters, the new gold standard of CBD infused Colombian and Cuban coffee. This one of a kind originates in the Sierra Maesta Mountains home to the finest Arabica beans in the world. Managing Partner Hector Mendez, segued from a career in culinary arts into the even hotter terrain of recording studio ownership in Miami Lakes and now LA’s Hollywood Hills. Mendez admits the pivot back to Food & Beverage was motivated by ColdFire Roasters being a superlative beverage that with unique CBD enhancements, “strikes the perfect chord”.

Joined by his ‘Paisa’ partner Edward Juica the duo announced that on the ColdFire Roasters horizon are modular coffee bars and healthy tasting eateries. They developed their coffee connoisseurship having been raised in the more refined Southern and now Northern Hemispheres where Eduardo Juica Sr. was an esteemed Chilean Chef, pre “Foodie” era.

Hector claims to have kept their coffee startup under wraps until the formulation could impress the likes of USE ANY NAME YOU WANT…Pit Bull, J Balvin and Chris Brown. ColdFire Roasters ™ CBD espressos to venti lattes are guaranteed to keep the vibe mellow and the beat going strong “all night long”.

Direct from their farms to the cup the ColdFire fine grind is melded with herbaceous hemp, the plant most often associated with health. “With the fusion of CBD and Coffee our customers may enter the cosmic realm,” confirms __________ At $60 a pound one would hope so.



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