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DRAFT Article 3

By: Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent AdAvenueGroup/Forbes France

Miami Beach/FL Not limited to beverages, tinctures, topical applications and vapes, the humble Hemp plant is more and more associated with food, paper, bio plastics, insulation, and even as a fossil fuel alternative for cleaner air and biodiversity in the future.

Vasiliki Karlin_Products.jpg “Adding to its versatility , Hemp is used as a raw material in the manufacturer of textiles, clothing, shoes, fashion accessories and beauty , hair and skin products,” according to Vasiliki Karlin , founder of Nayked Botanicals ™. Her CBD infused mosquito repellant and sunscreen were standouts at ‘sustainable’ SWIM THE GLOBE and the Eco Luxury Gifting Lounge during SWIM WEEK.

Karlin’s representatives were exploring strategic alliances for her private label CBD infused formulas. A respected medical esthetician and med spa consultant Vasiliki has collaborated on pure and organic formulas with Climate Change 2041 Ambassador and President of Allay Pharmaceuticals Rosy Sultana on the breakthrough Butterfliyz portfolio of skin, d body products Butterfliyz is thrilled to announce the birth of Cosmeceutical Skincare Line promising the metamorphosis of five key areas: Acne, Anti-Aging, Sensitivity, Sun Damage and Exfoliation. . Ms. Sultana an underwriter of Swim the Globe and Endeavor’s Miss USA Pageant.

Several other CBD driven companies that participated in SWIM WEEK and the USA CBD EXPO were Matt Rose and Josh Wagschal makers of the ‘new leaf on life’ Great Leaf ™. Scouring the aisles for break through products were Fresh Food Distributors with robust down lines that included Ignite, Beast 440 and Paul Pizzo’s PDF Foods. With warehouse in Detroit and Delray wanted to augment the robust demand for VYBE Waters , Natalie’s Orchid Island Juices and Pop Fusion Fresh Natural Popsicles, he was looking to increase his fourth generation portfolio of farm fresh products.

Greg Mucullough_Peter Hanna_AlexanderTitomirov.jpg The comingling of Miami Beaches’ most anticipated gatherings with a global reach , that is MIAMI SWIM WEEK and the next MIAMI CBD EXPO, “would be a natural evolution,” suggested Jennifer Sclafani, Founder of Swim the Globe and her associate Kristin Cook Swim the Globe played out at the Hotel Sagamore this past July 11-15.


Model Summit - Production Workshop.jpg The bespoke property also hosted the Sustainable Swim Week Eco Luxury Lounge and Jeffrey Lubin with Edwin Muhammad’s Model’s Summit, a two day forum designed to introduce industry experts to models with valuable lessons on how to navigate the talent and entertainment industries.

PHOTO CAPTION: Miami Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, re imagined in the form of a giant whale.

Vasiliki Karlin inspires the release of Ambassador at Large for Climate Force 2041 Rosy Sultana, Butterfliyz

Gabrielle Jasmine Yamini – Founder of Earthly Creations, One thing my family taught me that University did not is,” a pie chart cannot tell you what a stroke of genius is worth.

Peter Hanna attended with his PCRGenix a portfolio of CBD based products, Greg McCullough and Richard Schaffer of Medical Innovations Group was joined by Alexander Titomirov, PhD of

photo by Gary Kirk Brown Photography , SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SI Swimwear Runway Show.



Sports Illustrated Swim Miami Swimweek by Gary Kirk Brown4 (565 of 1243).jpg
  Kristin Cook and Jennifer Sclafani , Founder of SWIM THE GLOBE sample CBD products that reduce stress, pain and insomnia.


Kristan Cool_ Jennifr Sclafani.jpg


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