Art Basil VI, Cuisine & Cinema with Premiere of ‘Compulsion’ starring Heather Graham as a Compulsive Chef

Ingredients were contributed by fine food purveyors with a complement of fragrant hand-rolled cigars Havana Production and bouquets of Basil sourced from Rock Garden Herb’s ™ urban farm G.R.O.W.  (Green Railroad Organic Workshop).  The delectable dishes included Alaska Ling Crab Cakes and Watermelon Salmon Ceviche by Maine Lobster Live, Grand Western Rack of Lamb with truffle ragout and Profiteroles by Bindi Italian Desserts of PDF Foods.

       The menu was paired with au courant cocktails by Hemingway Rum Companys’, Papa’s Pilar. A rich blend of cask aged spirits, Papa’s Pilar has its origins in the author’s perennial haunts that included Caribbean Isles, the Mosquito Coast and Florida’s Cay’s.  A recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (1953) and Nobel Prize in Literature

(1954) Hemingway’s inspired rum embodies his dictum, ‘Live a Life that Outlives You’.

”Better to be a participant in life than a spectator,” concurs Art Basil’s Art Director, Nova Villanueva.

        Much of Hemingway Rum Company’s motivation is derived from a keen sense of philanthropy with the family donating Papa’s proceeds to the International Gaming and Fishing Association and toward the restoration of Florida’s endangered coral reef ecosystems. Miami’s locally distilled Miami Club Rum ™, Vita Coco ™ , an all natural super hydrating coconut water  and  Fermins’,  Tony’s Cocktail Mixes inspired Art Basil’s signature cocktails.

         Co-Founders Cristiane Roget of Vector International Pictures, Steve Levine and Rhiana Rhitz of Steady 70 Photography/Global Getty Assignments, Arturo and Stephanie Paz of Jarred Events and Go-Go Baby demonstrate, once again, that Art Basil thrives in a culture of innovative collaboration resulting in a jubilant celebration that exceeds the sum of its contributed ingredients.

Art Basil VIIl will commemorate its first year since its founding, December 3-8, with a Red Dot Fair ( strategic alliance to be staged in the burgeoning Miami Wynwood District.  Art Basil is an ad hoc group whose survival is dependent on the generosity of its underwriters among them;  the Law Firm of Steve Rossi, Master Sound Productions, MailDMI, Suzette Kelly’s Sarahi Couture and with Media Partners AB Newswire, Sub_Urbano and AFAR Magazine and the unbridled enthusiasm of its volunteers.