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Jove Wang Brings Plein Air Impressionism to Pac Rim Chamber Members

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Team Cristiane Roget News _Vipictures .jpg By Sr. Correspondent, AdAvenueGroup/ Forbes France

Miami/FL Art Art (and film) originating from Asia has seen a perceptible ascendance among collectors and art aficionados over the last decade. As Asia increasingly plays a pivotal role on the global stage the embrace of all things Asian in the hearts and minds of the global art, architectural and design communities is especially notable during Art Basel – Miami.

The home of the world’s first Art Asia Pavilion, and NATPE – Miami (National Association of TV Production Executive) where China TV, film production and distribution companies have commandeered several aisles at the Fontainebleau ‘grand dame’ Resort for years is a testament that through Miami’s Asian population tipped out at 4,788 residents in 2018 Pacific Rim entrepreneurs and ‘those in the know’ are exploring South Florida as a new gateway.

Devlin Forest_Super Blue Miami_Set To Open Spring_Roget_VIPictures.jpg At the epicenter of international contemporary art exhibits the announcement from a Rubell Museum spokes person that the highly anticipated Allapattah was pushed until Spring 2021 is the last gasp in a lively annual calendar big tent, pop up art activations and exhibits that have all collapsed, cancelled or postponed as the dreaded Covid-19 continues to take its toll.


Painting by Jove Wang, Available on this website for sale

In a region that thrives on hospitality, refined culture and night life it is estimated that 81,000 attendees and $13 million representing collectors from 70 countries and territories will be sidestepping Miami’s cavalcade of art-centric events this December 2021. The postponement of dozens of art activations and satellites spanning the region sees many art aficionados, gallerists and curators grappling with how to conduct streamed, online and limited in-person exhibits in a medium that demands tactile and sensory and social engagement.

One bright note is the makers of Culinary ArtBasil (artbasil.test) among others have announced an ongoing series of onsite Art exhibits and immersive activations in Allapattah. Also sustainable fashion, live musical performances, gourmet culinary demonstrations artisan and eco friendly artisans pop-up shops will fill out the itinerary.

One such exhibit and plein air workshop in the works is slated to feature Jove Wang. Produced, in part, by Douglas Hardin of EatUp Events and Mouin Gideon, a youthful Dubai transplant and event impresario and with participation by Jennifer Sclafani of Wellness and Wine ™ is designed to unspool in the historical ‘Art-appattah District this Winter. (eat@artbasil.test for dates and details)

ArtBasil, with its hub on NW 28th Street and NW 7th Avenue in downtown Miami is a few short blocks from the Allapattah Metro Station and the home of multiple fledgling galleries in the area. The linchpin is The Rubell Museum where an adhoc collective has formed with the PACE Gallery’s Marc and Producer – director (Mambo Kings, Just Cause and Bad Boys) Arne Glimcher, Laurene Powell Jobs and a host of break-out immersive artists. With dates changing as fast as variances in Miami’s weather (“You don’t like the weather? wait five minutes.” the quasi confirmed ArtNow Fair, (, Scope, Art Miami and the crown jewel ArtBasel are set to return in the Spring of 2021. an immersive art installation is also due to open this Spring 2121. A few short blocks from the trending ‘Art-apattah’ and Fashion Allapattah Design district (FAD.S) home of ArtBasil 2021 a calendar of Asia – America themes from Anime to Zen inspired monochromes is in the planning stages.

Jove Wang _ Exhibit_Poster .jpgInternationally celebrated Jove Wang is slated to exhibit in Miami in 2021 with a plein aire workshop.

The artist Jove Wang is found increasingly at the pinnacle of the resurgence of collectable Art with an Asian imprimatur. A spokesperson for Art Basil confirmed, “They are honored to extend an invitation to Jove Wang to present along with Philippe Le Jeune ( ) whose name is often associated with Jean Michel Folon. ArtBasil curators are cobbling together a showcase of Miami bred artists whose inspiration derives from an emphasis on environmental and societal sustainability now and for centuries to come.

Among the ‘Art Collector Set’ that treats Miami’s Art Basel and the satellite pavilions’ as a red letter on their annual circuit 2021 would be Jove Wang’s first Miami appearance. One wonders what personage’s would inspire him in this multi-ethnic and explosive Miami environment.

Demand for Jove’s oils, acrylics and insights into his acute ability to transform literal scenes and studied plein air landscapes and portraiture into a metaphysical realm. Jove’s enlightened works on canvas are increasingly more collectible especially in the Western Hemisphere and notably in the United States where Jove immigrated in 1990 following his tenure at China’s most prestigious art academy’s will be a welcome addition to Miami’s Art Scene.  He juxtaposes reality focusing on human diversity, reminiscent of iconic photo collection Edward Steichen’s , ‘Family of Man’.

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Cristiane Roget
Sr. Correspondent- Magazine