A Night For a Blanc et Noir Movie & Plates in Technicolor By Christian Testa

December 6, 2012 – Art Basil Night I

Art Basil’s opening night unfolded at La Gloutennerie’s Vintage Kitchen, a two story, free standing eatery surrounded by a lush garden in the most southern point of South Beach. The posh dining destination is grounded in the tradition of a French boulangerie replete with retro blanc et noir photos gracing the walls, artisanal cheeses under glass counters, and a salumi bar reminiscent of a family style Trattoria in Roma’s Piazza Novana.

Chef Christian Testa and sous chef Aurelin feted the elegantly attired guests with their version of show-stopping  ‘cicchetti’ (tapa like plates served in Venetian bars). With ingredients that included a salmon mousse, a squeeze of Florida citrus, a dab of basil pesto, savory gazpacho, and buttery flakes of Parmigiano-Reggiano.  Spirits of the Tsars, the vodka world’s newest top drawer ‘reveal’ was served and is being called ‘perhaps the best liquor ever made’ by Vodka Buzz.   From yachtsmen Mark Owens and Chris Nolan, the Spirits of the Tsars is an infusion of rare pear, apple and Madagascar vanilla was served to adoring denizens of the night in crystal flutes fashioned in the Ukraine.  The exclusive gathering commemorated the launch of artbasil.test with Spirits of the Tsars hand crafted bottles  replete with more 24 carat gold than rapper Kanye West’s front teeth.

Future artbasil.test  Gatherings to be posted within days.  Visit us soon for the new confirmed Calendar.