The Grand Tasting of the House of Burgundy

A stellar and seamlessly orchestrated affaire-The Grand Tasting of the House of Burgundy brought together 41 Vintners representing Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Lebanon, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and one home style Vermont Maple Rum from Dunc’s Mill Rum.

Attendees attired in couture, heritage jewels, tailored cashmere suits and distressed denim sipped, slurped and spit fine wines, champagnes and proseccos. Guests Glittered under golden arches , giant Faberge eggs and the many stories, statuesque crystal bear, plump with swimming koi fish. New York’s iconic Russian Tea Room served as the setting to commemorate the House of Burgundy’s Annual Grand Tasting , one of the world’s foremost purveyors of premiere libations. and importers of the fermented grape.

2nd from left -Mehmet Yorukoglu-President House of Burgundy, Lillian Lai, Gabriela Ionescu, Ozge Taktak, Author and Producer Ivan Acosta (El Super), TV Producer and Publisher Rita Gam (Viking Press), Tim Smith of Chateau Teanac, voice talent /actor Charity James of Beverly Hills, new bride and actor Christine. For more photos by the indefatigable Bethany Bandera visit in the next day or so.

bissou e merci

Cristiane Roget
AB Newswire
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