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Television Personality Chef Alexa Apostolidis’ Earns Accolades For Her Mastery of Greek Cuisine

Chef Alexa Apostolidis’ Presents At Art Basil VII The stage is set.  Master Chef & TV Personality Alexa Apostolidis  earns accolades as one of North America’s  most distinguished harbingers of indigenous Greek gourmet cuisine.

Not yet thirty years old, this fetching 5’ 8” beauty commands presence in and out of Florida and her native Greece’s Top Kitchens. A television host of  ‘Greek Recipes by Alexa’ she embraces  ancient Mediterraniun culinary traditions  who’s origins and precise techniques  predate  the conical stone oven. *

Alexa presents her dishes with uncommon sophistication belying the utter simplicity of some  of  the preparations.  With equal aplomb she knows her way around  a  thorny artichoke, the morning catch and a complex almond cake paired with cherry compote.

She taught courses in the Theory of Advanced Cooking and Molecular Gastronomy with Chef Jordi Valles (formally of El Bulli) and at the prestigious IEK DOMI Culinary School in Athens.  As a restauranteur she owned or co-owned  three of Greece’s most critically acclaimed restaurants.  One does not have to travel across the Atlantic to read of Alexa’s deft epicurean abilities.

She was the chef  behind  headlines that  include Miami  New Times 2009 ‘Best Greek Restaurant’,  Miami Herald’s 3.5 stars out of  4 in 2008.

She received more ‘Best Restuarant’ ratings in more publications than this space permits.   The Alexa Brand  spans  not only mastery of  Mediterraniun’s top kitchens.

There are plans to create a private label, cold pressed, virgin olive oil from her families groves on the island of Koroni.  She is also designing a line of  beguiling chef’s uniforms.  “My earliest culinary influence was at the age of  seven tugging my aunt’s apron strings in her Restaurant  Akrogiali.  No child  labor laws then”.

Alexa Apostolidia, -Koroni Greece

As  a contestant on the  Greek version of ‘Top Chef ‘ and a recipient of the cherished Michelin Star in 2001 (the only one in Greece at the time.   Though  she is keeping  her plans for Art Basil VII cloaked under her toke  she mentioned “that one of  the recipes I am considering was first prepared  2400 years ago and  is one of  the oldest recipes to survive to modern  times”.

To taste this juicy secret RSVP early for ArtBasil VII at eat@artbasil.test  or if this is too much anticipation to bear sample Alexa’s meze-centric sensibilities at her current post.