Art Basel Embraces the Novo Globalization

December – Week 1 2011. Art Basel-Miami gleefully celebrated its first decade as decidedly the world’s most jubilant and fresh gathering of contemporary Art found anywhere on this planet.  Que la fete commence! Art Basel is feeling the push and pull of the ‘novo’ globalization.  At its inception Art Basel filled a small muted corner of the […]

Typography & Art – Words on Canvas A Duality in Expression | Art Basel 2011

I listen to the ocean and all I hear is you” was twisted in white neon by Tracey Emia. Two prevailing influences distinguishing this year’s Art Basel over prior editions  was the marriage of Typograph and Art and the insignificance of the written word as displayed by sculptural artist  Marco Roundtree.  Of Mexican and Irish descent he alters books […]


GLOBALIZATION AND ASIAN INFLUENCE A more sophisticated version of ‘Burning Man’ than TEFAF Maastricht-Netherlands.   Recognized as the world’s leading art and antiques fair;  Art Basel is ‘Globalization’ that could be mistaken for a souk in Khartoum, a high style brocante in Paris or a proverbial Persian Market place. Who’s kicking who? The influence of European, Asian, Mediterranean and all the Americas is […]