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In The Age Of Nfts, Multi-Generational Artists Collaborating with Machines are Forcing New Questions Around What is Art, Intellectual Property, Process & Ownership

A person smiling for the camera Description automatically generated with medium confidence By Courtney Trethric– Web3 writer and co-founder of OurLandDAO. Passionate about social good, being an ally to underserved communities, and giving platforms to those who feel they may have none. I’m working toward creating a parallel between physical art and digital change.


Contributing writer Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent,, a local to global news aggregator and original news syndicator.

West Palm Beach, Florida-August 20 & 21, 2022 / Crypto Connection in West Palm Beach, Florida certainly hit the mark for the late-summer crypto & NFT convention. informative panels featuring a unique list of NFT realtors, cryptocurrency lawyers, and inspiring crypto-fluent kids — Insights were a welcome precursor to A picture containing text Description automatically generated the devastation that Hurricane ‘Ian’ wrecked thereafter.

The conference unspooled at the Palm Beach Convention Center the weekend of August 20th and 21st and participants included crypto collectors, NFT creators, and novices alike. Day one commenced with an introduction to cryptocurrency for beginners and a chat about why NFTs are here to stay.“Crypto Connect was at the epicenter of commerce meets education riding a new wave in economy, the arts & technology. Our experience at the Crypto Connect was beyond our expectations, we were taking a step forward into the future connecting industry, clients like BRiX, Bit Basel, Bimal Shah, Women in Bitcoin and many more!” according to Silvia Brazil, Founder of ArtBrazil. “This was more than an event it is a movement”. As a performer in her own right Silvia was a presence on the main stage. She introduced live performances NFT music artists. Scotty Roseman and his team took the NFT experience to the next level with a faultless production. The positive energy in the Palm Beach Convention Center was palpable.”

A person sitting in a chair Description automatically generated Readers can join us in this venture checking videos from the Palm Beach Crypto & NFT Conference on our social media platforms facebook & Instagram @artbrazilorg To find out more about ArtBrazil, you can also visit:,

During The Power of NFTs & Why They’re Here to Stay, we caught something that rang true; a quote from Erik LaPaglia of Miami NFT stating, “it’s just too much for most people to wrap their head around…it’s a massive opportunity to make the friction around everyday transactions a lot more simple.”

This was a common theme of most of the panels, and it gives us inspiration that our own brand, and hopefully many to follow, are going to make this an easier space to become educated and involved. Most panelists stated how hard it was to enter the space, and while that’s true, it’s obvious that the majority of brands are attempting to facilitate access. Gareb Shamus, the creator of ComicCon, and now CEO of HeroMaker Studios, an interactive digital community and storyline called Kumite shared an inspiration that captivated the audience. The “future is not only in the semantic web, but the community that powers the brand. The community directs with the power of engagement and the pocketbook to steer the course of brand development. The interaction between community and brand makers is a primary distinction between Web3 and web2.

A group of people sitting on a couch watching a presentation Description automatically generated with low confidence Aa group of kids being interviewed about their experience in the space as creators was hosted by NFT Kids Magazine. Ranging from ages 7 through 14, the take away was it is not only  adults, but the next generation is having input in molding the online future. Access to blockchain technology has given kids the opportunity to share their art and passion with others. Their takeaway in their words, “is to practice more giving, to help others in need, and to love creation” — attributes that we all need to aspire toward in life.

Of note was the two day series of female-identifying speakers. Each drew the loudest applause from the crowd. As the tech world is rife with “machismo’ and “good old boy” cliques this series was refreshing and future friendly.The attendance and response made it clear that women in web3 are here to stay. Something powerful that Michelle Abbs of Web3Equity mentioned is The Women’s Business Ownership Act of 1988 allowed women to get a business loan without a male co-signer, effectively driving home the reminder that it hasn’t been that long since women have donned the ‘power suit’. As a woman witnessing the crowd shake their head in agreement, that the time is now for women to lead the evolution in Web3. The fact that women have created powerful communities, and large ones at that, shows the commitment across the spectrum to include women on founder boards, in core teams, and finally being one of the big players in the room — disrupting the previously bro-reliant space.

A group of people posing for the camera Description automatically generated New on the stage at Crypto Connection and at the Peter “Crazy Rich Asian” lwas a liquor brand portfolio that is sure to become iconic.  Premium liquors have always been associated with the finer things, glamor, and night life. It comes of no surprise that celebrities from athletics, actors to artists have taken the plunge in associating their names in association with Spirits and champagnes.

In fact, there are so many celebrity spirits it’s hard to keep track, There is even an app GrapeStars, specifically designed to help consumers identify celebrity alcohols in the marketplace.  One brand not associated with any one celebrity is the Precious ™ portfolio.

It boasts impeccably distilled Vodka, Tequila, Cognac, Whiskey, Rum and Sparkling wines. The name says it all. And “yes” there is the celebrity association. It is not the brands have a celebrity backer or namesake. Like Dan Aykroyd (Crystal Head Vodka), Bob Dylan’s (Heaven’s Door Whisky), or Rita Ora’s (Prospero Tequila) called by Esquire Magazine as “average and characterless” to name a few. Critics should give Ora a pass as she is one of only four women who have a brand association with liquor. Another being Paris Hilton’s vodka flavors which include a cherry flavor titled ‘Glamorous,’ a citrus flavor titled ‘Wild Party’ and a blueberry flavor titled ‘Temptation.

Premium Lifestyle Experiences ™ including Precious Vodka By (PLX) on the other hand is becoming today’s celebrities ‘brand of choice’. Move over Goose. You can find Dwane Wade, Gabrielle Union, David Lou, Marlen Waynes, Ziggy Marley and Tyrese all clinking cubes and tippling with Precious. The Diamond shaped bottles and packaging burnished in gold exudes the very attributes that define a ‘luxury brand’. These are the “celebrities” who are leaving the art of distilling to the experts.  We all know that the top-tier has the wherefore and savior faire to request only the best! From the rap game to the silver screen to the catwalk itself, Premium Lifestyle Experiences is becoming the go-to alcohol brand ordered by our favorite people including you, friends and family.

Some of the most interesting buzz-worthy topics that are gaining traction were fractionalization, legality and real estate. There were multiple booths with crypto-fluent lawyers. Legality being the bedrock of finance and fiat currency their presence further legitimizes crypto currency; especially when crypto and NFTs gain more traction. Only 9% of the world is crypto-literate. The information at this conference gained through peer-to-peer discussion was well worth the ticket price.

A person holding a trophy Description automatically generated with low confidenceFractionalization of NFTs along with the fractionalization of real estate also took center stage, “ according to Julio Caceres, Founder CEO of BRIX Corporation. Fractional real estate investing for everyone. Imagine being able to go in on a large purchase, like real estate or a prime-priced NFT and being able to equally distribute the deed with your core group of friends through blockchain technology, and it all being legally sound. “Though blockchain real estate is something out of my current wheelhouse, seeing how many partner firms were involved and building in the current bear market, it’s clear that this is something on the up and up, “ confirms Courtney Theric. . (To know more about fractionalized real estate)

Inclusivity and accessibility led the day. Crypto Connection received kudos for embracing more female-identifying speakers, more thoughtfulness in choosing ADA-compliant big-screen backgrounds (with maybe a seizure warning present at the entrance.) The staff was courteous and generous and each of the booths made sense to be at the convention, even the ones that weren’t in necessarily in-line with cryptocurrency, they provided some fun and lightheartedness to the space.

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