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May 2, 2022 – For Immediate Release

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“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”—Rachel Carson, biologist, author  

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Coconut Grove/FL The number of events embracing the worldwide movement for social and environmental change and that are dedicated to restoring the planet and fostering social justice continues to span the globe on Earth Day and every day from billion-dollar nonprofits to single-person dot.causes.

Most recently concerned citizens from Bahrain to Biscayne Bay and Time Square have gathered to express a murmuring mantra that economic growth fueled by fossil fuels, avaricious capitalism and plundering our finite resources is simply not sustainable. Earth Day first held on April 22, 1970, has evolved into a global event stewarded by, It serves as annual wakeup call that includes the participation of a billion or more people representing more than 193 countries. The official theme for 2022 was Invest in Our Planet. This sentiment was evidenced at the Climate Change Forum, March 21-24 in the Kingdom of Bharain, as “Global Investment in Sustainable Development’.

Two such events whose attendees refused to despair at what many believe is a dystopian future were brimming with ideas, innovative strategies and dare say hope. One, the Good News Broadcast’s Ukrainian Peace Movement Fundraiser coincided with the Artistic Luxury Gallery in Coconut Grove, Florida presided over by Paul Sladkus in New York and Peter Studl in South Florida. Both reflected a commitment to a cause that Paul Hawkins author of the New Yok Times Best Seller “Blessed Unrest” refers to, “as the largest ad hoc movement on earth. A movement that has no name, leader, or location and has gone largely ignored by politicians and until recently the media.

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Guests exhibited an exuberance and alacrity befitting the dawn of a new era. Countless people are bringing their collective vision into a sharper focus. Where, we the people, are charged to act forcefully in order to mitigate the destruction we have wrought. By transforming the way we live and the values we embrace we may assure a present and future habitable planet.

“We are at the very vanguard of melding art with activism at Artistic Luxury Gallery and invite patrons to celebrate with us Earth Day everyday,” confirmed Adrienne Gershon gallery curator. “We presented an acoustic performance by Sydney Blue with accompaniment Jacob & Ricardo. Simultaneously in New York’s Time Square a breakout musical performances appeared on a giant LED Screen. The program included soulful songstress Katelyn Richards produced by Director – Screen writer Frank Calo. Archival footage from previous Peace and Earth Day events produced by Paul Sladkus included Pete Seeger, Cat Stevens, Dionne Warwick, Ringo Starr, Michelle Phillips, Ed Asner, Jane Goodall, Leonardo DiCaprio, Stevie Wonder, Shakira, Deepak Chopra, Paul McCartney, and the Harlem Globetrotters Cheer among them.

On Sunday, May 22 experience the musical styling again of Katelyn Richards at the Inevitable Release Party, at Heaven Can Wait. Formally East Berlin the venue is at 169 Avenue A, New York, NY. Part of the proceeds from the $15.00 admission will be donated to ‘Take a Pause for Peace’. Advanced tickets

‘Inevitable’ producer Matt Chiaravalle confirms, “ Katelyn Richard’s 9 song album will be available on all major streaming platforms”. Richards band comprises Michael Visceglia- bass (Suzanne Vega), Tommy Mandel- keys, organ (Brian Adams), Hector Lopez- drums (The Sweet Things), Benny Landa- guitar 

Scott Tran-violin, Jaclyn Dima, Tracy Thorne- backing vocals. Performances are also slated by Kelley Swindall, Lucy and the Goosettes and Chromoplast.

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Description automatically generated New York City based and Boston bred artist, Katelyn Richards confirms her passion for music and community evolved from a life of personal struggles that are universally relatable. “Inspired by Alanis Morrissette and Jenny Lewis, her roots driven rock sound comes from a place of honesty and engagement that feels fresh, yet familiar,” confirms Frank Calo. In addition to advancing Katelyn’s musical career, Calo has an upcoming Netflix series in pre production and made his mark in the ‘The Believer’ starring Ryan Gosling in his break out role, and ‘Here and There, winning the Best Narrative -Tribeca Film Festival starring Cindy Lauper.

Due South on the Eastern Seaboard EARTH DAY-EVERY DAY paid homage to the diversified artistry of Ioannis Karalis, John Denis, Boni Smith, Eugene Perry & Artist/Gallerist Peter Studl. Defining South Florida as a global crossroad the exhibit will be on display until May 12. The forthcoming exhibit commences on May 14 with a Artist Reception that will feature ‘Found Objects and Works on Paper’ by Peter Studl.

Looking forward to July, The 2nd Annual S², finds patrons, participants and guests increasingly moved by the power of lifestyle practices to bring wellbeing to Our Planet gauged to amaze, enchant and provoke. This event is made possible by the generous contribution of Love Consciously and

Visit Earth Day Gallery
Visit Earth Day Gallery

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