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Culinary Art Basil is Blessed by Spirits of the Tsars and Crowned by Rock Garden Herbs

The essence of Culinary Art Basil, “is respecting and appreciating the source of all finer things life bestows on us.  Channeling the spirit of the First Thanksgiving where Native Americans staved off the starvation of the first wave of European settlers to Plymouth, Art Basilites also espouse that nothing be taken for granted “,  opines this author and co-founder of the premiere Art Basil Culinary (artbasil.test) Gatherings.

Ongoing associations continue to be forged with Rock Garden Herbs (perhaps one of the world’s largest purveyors of fresh growing herbs) and Spirits of the Tsars.  The two companies join a cast of chefs to underwriters to collaborate on A.B.C. Gatherings,   movable feasts as Celebrations of Fine Food and Libations that permeate all facets of culture and culinary arts.

Sandy and Stefan Segall of the Grand Palms Golf & Resort and Atlantic Coast Construction Building & Development Corp  were supportive.  ACBD Group  has earned an enviable reputation over three generations as developers of some of the most sought after resort investments in South Florida and the Caribbean.  ACBD Group  has earned an enviable reputation over the past three generations as a company is built on a solid foundation of impeccable business practices and creators of stellar international,  up market developments.

Providing the ambiance for Art Basil’s ‘by invitation’ gatherings of press corp members and invited guests are Rock Gardens‘  Charlie Coiner, Jonathan Rousseau, Jeff Bruff and Creative Directors  Ti and Bill Squire.  The venues will be festooned with pots of fresh herbs to inspire and savour.

Spirits of the TSARS is history in the making. If legends are to be believed theirs is a good tale. to know more.

According to Chris Nolan, one of the Tsars triumvirate and founder Mark Owens, “the Spirits of the TSARS liquid gold  arrived on American shores to coincide with the auspicious launch of  the first Art Basil, the USA Presidential Election and the changing of the guard in Mainland China.   With the departure of the status quo hardliner and top Chinese leader Hu Jintao,  optimism abounds that positive trade relations will continue to exist between the Donkey and the Tiger for the coming years.

Politics aside, the makers of  Spirits of the TSARS claim that whether the times are ‘lean’ or ‘abundant’ there will always be connoisseurs (here and abroad) that strive to indulge and embrace the ‘finer’ things life bestows; no matter one’s personal balance sheet.

At $300.00 + per bottle and with ‘bottle service’ starting at 1000 large this is a brand being built by and for a loyal following.   Spirit of the Tsars,  no matter the price,  is made for those that demand the very best,  irrespective of the cost of the desired item.

Spirits of the Tsars is hand crafted for that  rarefied  ‘1%’  who ply their trade in the corner office or dust it in the wee hours.

Sandra from Trinidad, a member of the hospitality staff at the beautiful re-appointed Westin Diplomat in Hollywood and aristocratic Santiago Woll the Diplomat Host were equally awestruck by the Spirit of the TSARS gold encrusted bottle that glinted on our table in the grand lobby.

Wrapped around the golden, crystal clear liquid is a collectible, one-of- a kind  sculpted bottle.  Emblazoned with gold leaf , the Spirit of the Tsars bottle shimmered  and sparkled in the glint of an Atlantic sunset, not unlike a crown jewel.

Spirits of the Tsars  harkens back to the time of  Empress Katherine and the Enlightenment.  A time when from St. Petersburg to Siberia ‘Vodka’ was referred to as simply ‘Voda’ – loosely translated ‘the Water of Life’.

This life giving liquid is meticulously gleamed from ingredients that comprise a rare phylum of apple, essence of Madagascar vanilla bean that must be shaved by hand (not unlike harvesting saffron one stamen at a time) steeped in an infusion of pear nectar and aged to perfection in cognac casks of oak wood.  sweet Spring harvested wheat is distilled six (6 ) times and is like nothing Vodka connoisseurs have ever savored   In the sage words of Robert Brodrecht ,This may be the best liquor ever made“.

Watch this column for a visual rendering of the bottle from Steve Levine at

Posted. Cristiane Roget eat@artbasil.test November 27, 2012