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A Collection Of Art And Culinary Artistry Of Epic Proportions. ArtBasil Joins Red Dot Fair Gala – Tuesday-December 2- With Wrap Up Parties At Segafredos And Havana 1957 Culminating In ‘The Day Of Transformation /Grand Opening With Angela Armenakis’, Saturday, December 6.

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Email_ArtBasil_2014_Vector Voyage_Red Dot Fair

Tuesday, December 2 from 6PM  to 10PM ArtBasil VIII Joins Red Dot Fair for the 3rd year in co-hosting the Red Dot Fair Gala I Art Opening and Culinary Celebration to coincide with Art Basel and Miami Art Week. By melding the epicurean genius of Top chefs and locally sourced ingredients;   Renowned chefs from Segafredo Brickell, Bocce, Havana 1957, Passion Group’s Dolores , But You Can Call Me Lolita, Crazy About You, Tuscan Grill, Luigi’s Coal Oven Pizza, and Johnny V’s (among others to be announced) will again illustrate their creative resourcefulness in what has been called ‘an aspirational dream come true’ and ‘the best event of the season’.

With over 65 of the world’s top galleries including the Maria Napoles returning Latin Pavilion all exhibiting under the vast Red Dot Pop Up Tent situated in the heart of the Wynwood District ( the Opening Gala and Art Basil ( is an event  grounded in edible traditions and serious art appreciation and collection.  Something brand new and exciting is happening this year — with an ever expanding menu and aged libations that promise to be nothing short of transcendent.

Each Chefs performance blends food with theatrics while honoring the diversified traditions that are integral to South Florida’s lauded position on the global culinary map.  At the cross roads, ArtBasil will feature a fusion of Native American, African, Mediterranean, Latin, and neo Colonial Caribbean fare with a Mediterranean / Greek  and Italian tour de force.  One part entertainment and one part serious epicurean gastronomy, guests learn how to prepare appetizers paired with au courant signature cocktails.

The Art Basil Chefs are challenged to create hundreds of amuse-bouché, canapés, and hors d’œuvres from ingredients contributed by farm to table, fine food purveyors.  If there was but one rule imposed at ArtBasil it was, ‘All chefs must feature fresh Basil in their preparation,’ according to Steve Levine, Art Basil co-founder and renowned food photographer.

Among ArtBasil hosts this year are Mariam Ghaly public relations of Vector International Pictures ( Angela Armenakis of the Health,Wellness and Beauty Center*  Cristiane Roget of and and Sublette Hernandez of VErestaurant Group (Segafredo /Havana 1957) with special appearances still to be announced.

Filming By Braveman Media.

Google ArtBasil for News Updates.

Angela Armenakis
Image Consultant
Mental Health Counselor


ristiane roget
public relations
vector international pictures

310-220-9118 mobile
561-465-5979 office
, (private)
Vipictures Portfolio
Vasiliki Karlin
Founder Nayked
Inspiration ONZen Spa, Costa Rica 561-239-0331
Mariam Ghaly
Public Relations
These are watercolor days, the unspooling of heat. White surf melting into a cooler horizon, bluer, each hour fluid. Join us, for a day of happiness. Dec 2- Dec. 6.Art Direction: Nova Villanueva/VIPictures.comartBasilInviteBack_EmailVersion copy











Snap! Space Grand Opening- a Ribald Gathering of 100’s of Snappy Dressers & the World’s Top Fashion Photographers

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 Snap ! Orlando ( has embodied the concept of a ‘pop-up’ exhibit not unlike Red Dot Art Fair-Miami. Under the guidance of Patrick and Holly Kahn, formally of book LA, the couple and their cadre of collaborators have exhibited international photographers in the city of Orlando for the past four years. With exhibits at various warehouse venues and event spaces, Snap!, for the first time has a year-round home: the landmark Cameo Building near downtown Orlando.


 Patrick Kahn, Snap! Orlando’s executive producer, created a ribald affaire as a soft opening on January 17, 2014.

Its facade is being renovated to reflect the history of the 63-year-old building that was once home to the Cameo Theater. Guests include Michael Phillip of MP Studios Tampa, Serge Dulac of Unity Productions and Costa Rica Cocao Farms, Founder Patrick Kahn,Cristiane Roget of Art Basil, Federico Quevedo of Expo Feria USA and emerging photographer and filmmakers Luca Dulac.  Images in part courtesy of Carlos Leal.



Art Basil VII, Like Life, is a Blatent Act of Imagination,Tuesday-Dec. 5, Red Dot Fair Gala Reception

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ART BASIL, LIKE LIFE, IS A BLATENT ACT OF IMAGINATIONArt Basil VII marries the traditions of old world culture with Red Dot Fair’s exhibition of 70 + acclaimed art galleries to be entertained by celebrated chefs pairing delectable cuisine with stellar spirits in a Mediterranean Tour de Force 

Miami/Florida  On Tuesday, December 3 – between 6-10 pm, an anticipated three-thousand fashionably attired,  famished guests will be treated to a sneak preview of seventy galleries exhibiting in the 7th Annual Red Dot Fair’s vast pop-up structure.  Located in the heart of Miami’s burgeoning Wynwood Art District, at 3011 NE 1st Ave and NE 31st Street, 333137 the 8th Annual Red Dot Fair will host global Art Galleries and Artists direct from California, Texas, London, Paris, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, South America, South Florida and points in between.

Red Dot Fair Founder, George Billis, confirms that given previous year’s attendance an estimated 25,000 guests will visit Red Dot Fair during the week of December 3 through 8.  The Art Basil /Red Dot Fair Gala Reception on Tuesday, December 3 is open to the public.  The $25.00 admission will be donated, in part, to Red Dot’s favored Foundation Million Trees/ Miami and card holders will gain complimentary entry to Red Dot Fair for the week.

Culinary Art Basil Now in its 7th incarnation, Culinary Art Basil, a jubilant celebration of cuisine and culture, will co-host Red Dot Fair’s opening Gala Reception & Gallery Preview.  A member of Art Basil’s nomination committee, Charles Majeski of Advanced Culinary Solutions confirms, “Art Basil is an ad hoc, volunteer association made up of media, marketing, design, photography and culinary professionals.  Distinguished chefs are invited to demonstrate the making of delectable dishes that are to be sampled by our guests”.

Arturo  and Stephanie Paz, founders of Jarred Events and direct from New York are doing a star turn with their families exquisite granola and sweets.  Joining the Paz family is Marco de Simone  who trained in his family’s restaurants in Milano where he gained fame creating  State Dinners for Mikhail Gorbachev of Green Cross International and ‘naughty, naughty’ Silvio Berlusconi.  Announcements of chefs representing Israel /Palestine, Asia, Texas and Latin America will be posted on the’s website up to the day of the event.

Culinary Art Basil

DRINK UP & BE BOLD & EAT WITH GUSTO. “Culinary Art Basil indelibly blurs the line between ‘art appreciation’ and ‘art, as an excuse to eat and imbibe’.   The amusebouches, canapés, cichetti, antipasti, tapas and hors d’oeuvres are meant to evoke sighs of bliss among the guests,” confirms the beguiling Adi Kafri of Noa Catering and Café. Inspired by Israel she and her daughters Nin, Omer and Amit will be doing a star turn with the freshest grilled peppers and braised oriental kale , and lamb and beef schwarma from Grand Western fine meat purveyors.

Signature cocktails by Deep Eddy’s Vodka, Angel’s Envy Bourbon, Papa’s Pilar Rum will be served.  Perfect pairings of Infinium Spirits, Fratelli Branca’s Italian portfolio will also be sampled. Red Dot libations include Chambord Liqueur Beck’s Beer, Pure Swiss Mineral Water, Vita Coco, naturally and Barefoot Wine.

New to Art Basil is a generous contribution of Deep Eddy  Vodka , Sweet Tea, Grapefruit and 80 proof that will complement morsels of Royal Food Distributors Fresh and Tasty Premium Smoked Salmon redolent with dill, and Fresh Harvester Masago  (Black , Orange and Red). Connoisseurs claim Masago  is even better than Beluga.  Tod Webster has been invited to make his home-style magic with Grand Western’s tender lamb lollypops.  Deep Eddys’  infused vodkas are the first flavored vodkas produced in Texas.   Created by Sweet Tea founder Clayton Christopher and Chad Auler of Savvy Vodka-Deep Eddy is ten times distilled and natural with pure cane sugar, clover honey, Texas Spring Water and Black Tea or Grapefruit.

Papa’s Pilar’s is back for an Art Basil repeat performance.  A cask-aged, sipping rum it comes with a time machine included. Inspired and owned, in part, by the Ernest Hemingway’s family, imbibers are transported to a time when the West was ‘wild’ and Hemingway’s deep water vessel, Papa’s Pilar, possessed the same gutsy spirit of this bold and complex rum.  Royalties are earmarked for Florida Reef Restoration.  SoBe Fizz-Red Dot ™ Private Label water will keep Red Dot Fair goers hydrated.

Culinary Art Basil

Another nod to the Italians and Sicilians is the Fratelli Branca tasting It was in 1845 that the Distillery of Fratelli Branca was born.  Art Basil will be presenting their liqueurs par excellence.  The top shelf Fernet –Branca is a melding of 27 herbs, from all five continents with aloe of  South Africa, rhubarb from China, gentian from France, galingale from India or Sri Lanka, chamomile from Italy or Argentina, just to name a few. Flowers, herbs, roots, extracts and teas are blended to produce the beneficial properties.

Proceeds from the Faux Farmer’s Mediterranean Market produced by Teena’s Pride Farms in conjunction with Whole Foods CSA Farm to Table Collective, Redlands Spice Park, Mr. Greens Produce,  Living Green Fresh Market on Commercial Blvd East and Grand Western Meat Purveyors circa 1968 are earmarked for the Green Railroad Organic Work Shop (G.R.O.W.) under the direction of Charles Coiner, Jonathan Roussel, Thi and Bill Squire.  

The trio is taking their inspiration from the ambiance found in a St Tropez Café, a Sicilian Fresh Market, an Aegean Greek Bistro  and a luxurious medina or souk, replete with hand stitched tapestry, hookahs and mosaic inlaid tables by  Peter Hannah’s  Backdrops of rural images and ancient towns are inspired by New York photographers Bethany Bandera. 


An immense Thank you to Media Partners, maximum views for your news & the 19th Hole Magazine

Red Dot Fair Returns to Wynwood District in December-Art Basil VII to Host Eat-Drink & Savor For Guests With An Appetite

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Art Basil VII _VIPictures_Crisitane RogetArtBasilVII is set to collaborate with RedDotFair on the VIP Gala Reception, Tuesday- December 3  – 6pm to 10 pm.  By invitation only. Guests will be enchanted and moved by the power of Mediterranean food, fine art and libations  to amaze, enchant and provoke.

rsvp a must.

The highly anticipated Red Dot Fair returns to the Wynwood Art District in Miami, December 3 -8, 2013, located  3011 NE 1st Ave at 35th Street.   Anticipating 15, 000 guests overall Red Dot Fair runs concurrent to Art Basel-Miami Beach. Aptly named the international ‘art walk for billionaires’.

Building upon its reputation as a diverse fair, Red Dot Fair offers a unique selection of approximately 60 galleries exhibiting painting, sculpture, photography and fine-art objects.

Plans are in the works to Host Art Basil VII with several culinary stations celebrating  the diverse cuisine emanating from the Mediterranean.  The top of the food chain, epicureans & oenophiles gather to eat-drink, savor a pop up ‘feast for the eyes’.  The world’s most renowned chefs will present the most delectable pairings, tastings and delicacies representing Tunisia, Morocco, Cypress, Greece, Sicily and Italy.

Red Dot Fair Miami strives to create a fair for galleries specializing in emerging, mid-career and established artists that present work of lasting value. The luxurious layout of the 60 thousand square foot tented venue will provide visitors with a sophisticated and friendly environment to view artwork presented by the galleries. Red Dot is excited about being part of Miami’s vibrant art scene and its great fabric of galleries, museums and cultural institutions.

For Red Dot Fair Admission or Exhibition at Red Dot Fair contact  or 917.273.8621

For Participation in ArtBasil 310-220-9118 / 561-465-5979

Sat.-July 20. 2013 Premiere ‘Compulsion’ w Heather Graham. Miami Beach Cinematheque Fundraiser

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An Event For Fine Food , Fashion & for the Love of Film -Compulsion, The Movie-East Coast Premiere , Miami Beach, FL

Heather Graham stars in ‘Compulsion’ East Coast /Miami Beach Premiere & Fundraiser -July 20 at 4PM at MB Cinematheque, presented by Culinary Art Basil VI.  Graham, as a master chef in stilettos, turns up the heat in this seductive psychological thriller. Also, starring Carrie-Anne Moss (‘Matrix’), Kevin Dillon & Joe Mantegna. The Movie’s Gourmet Menu will be served nightly at the Bentley Hilton’s de Rodriguez Cuba throughout Swimwear Week.

Saturday July 20-2013 East Coast Premiere of ‘Compulsion’.

 4:00 PM- Fundraiser benefiting MB Cinematheque. ( Seating Limited. $75 per couple, ($50.00 per couple, MB Members) Historic City Hall, 1130 Washington Ave. 33139  rsvp 310-220-9118 or 305-673-4567 (films)

 6:30 PM  Director Egidio Coccimiglio Q & A. Cast & Crew Invited. MB Cinema, City Hall. Art Basil VI ( presents culinary wizard Doug de Rodriguez, 2 Time James Beard Recipient, Arturo and Stephanie Paz reprising appetizers and prix  fixe 4 course dinner inspired by Compulsion’s menu paired with mocktinis, signature cocktails and tropical punch courtesy of Vita Coco-pure coconut water.

Official Trailer

The movie inspired menu specials include Alaska King Crab Cakes by Yanni Diassinos, Mr. Green’s Ginger coriander broth, Maine Lobster Live’s  freshest Fish en croute w lemon butter sauce, Grand Western Rack of Lamb with a complement of  Bemka’s, House of Caviar’s  truffled Ragoût, Grand Western Venison Loin & Mr. Green’s Produce Parsnip Gratin, Onion Comfit,  Bemka Périgord Truffle Jus and Profiteroles by Bindi Deserts from Joe Selvaggio’s PDF Foods that are guaranteed to evoke sighs of bliss.

Sunday- July21,  2013 –Film Fashion Finale

 5PM-on  De Rodriguez Cuba, 101 Ocean Dr, MB 33139  TastingMenu, Signature Cocktails, Swimwear Finale ‘Five Ways to Ceviche’, Cabanas and Cuba.  Presented by Doug de Rodriguez, author of The Great Ceviche Book with Book signing with proceeds for G.R.O.W.   Lounge on the seaside cabanas, unwind with informal modeling by Vicki Soble, Haute Couture Resort Wear.    Stage Production by Frank Gonzalez of Event Logistics. By Invitation only. rsvp Pass around ‘Ceviche & Compulsion Tasting Menu’.  Gift Bags by Elite Smile and Vita Coca.   Dinner reservations recommended.  Happy Hour Prices.  101 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Fl 33139.

Set for theatrical release ‘Compulsion’ is distributed by Phase 4 Films in the USA, E-One Entertainment in Canada and Moonstone Entertainment, Worldwide Sales Agents.  Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond has evidenced his own compulsion with films that have inspired fashion trends for decades.  Best known for Warren Beatty and Julie Christie’s ‘pre’ PETA fur wrapped wardrobe in Alaska-bound ‘McCabe and Mrs. Miller’ , ‘Deliverance’, the movie that gave new meaning to banjos, kissing cousins and the black leather vest and  the rage for bloody black lipstick in ’Black Dahlia’.  With four nominations and an Academy Award win for ‘Close Encounters’, Vilmos is invited with director Egidio Coccimiglio for a post screening Q & A followed by a deLuxe poolside VIP Party at the Bentley Hilton.  (Dinner Reservations Recommended)

Associated Media – AB Newswire (, Afar Magazine (  the 19th Hole Magazine, Sub_Urbano Magazine, Forbes  Restaurant, WWD , Red Dot Fair and a pending interview with New York Times -Style Section.



Compulsion – The Movie

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Compulsion centers on two women, each grappling with obsessions that have begun to overtake their lives. Heather Graham portrays Amy, a vivacious, calculating chef whose need to be desired is so far-reaching that she becomes a star in her own imaginary cooking show. Carrie-Anne Moss is Saffron, a reclusive but alluring ex-child star, whose ever-intensifying relationship with Amy builds to a surprising climax.

Todd Webster of the Porch Cafe on Ocean Drive Serves up Art Basil’s Piece de Resistance

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December 8, 2012/ Art Basil’s finale unfolded on the north end of Ocean Drive at the venerable  Front Porch Café  housed in the authentic Art Deco atrium of the alluring ‘Z’ Hotel.   Art Basil’s spontaneous celebrations further congealed into a delicious soufflé of ingredients that had included heated moments, a retrospective of fashion by Coco Chanel and the powerful taste of Spirits of the Tsars Vodka served in hand cut, crystal flutes.  The legacy of  the glassware for Spirits of the Tsars is one for the history books.  Scroll down for details.

With Spirits of the Tsars bottle service beginning at  $1000 large  the night on ‘The Porch‘  was a perfect finale for Art Basil’s epicurean denizens of the night.  

Take note:  ‘Porch regulars’.  With Todd now in the  Kitchen, The Porch Cafe is no longer  just the  place for the “best breakfast on South Beach.” (according to Urban Spoon & Yelp).      

Melding culinary genius and locally sourced ingredients renowned chef Todd Webster, again illustrated creative resourcefulness.  He prepared the piece de resistance with his version of creamy squash borscht from Mac Khashman farm fresh produce and a Grand Western Steak melt- in-your-mouth with a Lamb tartar.  With training equally derived from Le Cordon Bleu and the United States Marine’s;  Webster likens himself to “just a cook”.   Lashes down with that little smile,  former Marine Webster confesses he “could not live without the colors, textures and flavors of his agrarian home in Homestead”.   While his ideas are grounded in traditions, something brand new and exciting is happening to our palates— his menu is nothing short of transcendent.  The basil Panna cotta (from Italian cooked cream) by Pastry Chef Stuart was a stairway to heaven.

Each performance blended food with theatrics and honored the diversified traditions that are integral to South Florida’s lauded position on the global culinary map.  At the cross roads, ArtBasil featured a fusion of Native American, African, Mediterranean, Latin, and neo Colonial Caribbean fare.  One part entertainment and one part serious epicurean gastronomy, guests learned how to prepare appetizers  paired with au courant signature cocktails.  Made from  Spirits of the Tsars ™  liquid gold. the newly released vodka is aged three years in cognac casks.  Stellar grape from the reserves of  J.Lohr Wineries also received applause from the discriminating guests. 

The Art Basil Chefs were challenged to create hundreds of amuse-bouché, canapés, and hors d’œuvres from ingredients contributed by farm to table, fine food purveyors.  If there was but one rule imposed at ArtBasil it was, ‘All chefs must feature fresh Basil in their preparation,’ according to Levine.

The Chefs had a field day, utilizing phylum’s of Rock Garden Basil that included Chocolate, Peppermint, and blood red Thai, all grown locally on the Green Organic Railroad Workshop (G.R.O.W.) farms in Doral, Florida.


The Inception of Art Basil. Charlie Coiner at Rock Garden Herbs-in a moment of lucidity conceived the idea that became a Brainstorm that is becoming.

Yani Diassinos lugged in crates of succulent Maine lobster and off the dock snapper fished from gushing pools and water tanks at his Maine Lobster Live Wholesale Seafood Market in Pompano Beach.  Mak Khashman and Joe Selvaggio’s of PDF Foods sourced Florida fresh squeezed blood oranges and honey tangerines, volcanic Scotch bonnet peppers, snappy vine ripened cucumbers, and micro eggplants. Grand Western’s ( special cuts of mouth-watering marbled beef and tender lamb served as the underpinnings for menus throughout the tastemaker’s trifecta.

Future installments of Art Basil  ( are currently being planned to coincide with the

  • National Association of Television Executive Producers (NATPE, January 28-30) located in the cosmopolitan Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach and adjacent docks
  • The much anticipated return of Red Dot to the Wynwood District, (February 14-18)
  • To coincide with the  South Beach Food and Wine Festival (February 21-24). To underwrite, participate, or r.s.v.p. for future Art Basil performances visit  or Facebook  ) or

Photo Credits Steve Levine, Christian Strong, Emmanuel Salvant & Don Parchment

Editor-Brett Miller

Note: Spirit of the Tsars  crystal flutes are  a replica of the glass used by Tsar
Nichols II as his vodka glass without his initials.   The makers commissioned the Dyatkovsky Crystal Factory in Moscow Russia, est 1790, to produce for us this elegant vodka glass made the same way it was then. Each glass is fashioned from one piece of hand blown leaded glass with all decoration being individually hand cut.

We have had each glass individually etched with our shortened brand name “Tsars”. These will be available to consumers from our web site ( and establishments that carry Spirits of the Tsars, Ultra Premium Infused Vodka, as well as used in promotions, tastings, and presentations.  Sip like a Tsar!

RED DOT Joins Culinary ART BASIL’S ‘Green Dot’ For An Evening of Tsars Under Brittle Shards of Stars & Fragrant Cuban Cigars

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December 7, 2012 Art Basil Night II

The moveable feast re-emerged the second night in the heart of the Wynwood District on Red Dot’s unadorned wooden deck that had little natural lighting. Cloaked in the ambiant darkness the three headed sculptures by the comly Argentine sculptress Cecilia Lueza  glowed in the dark.  With fresh orchids by interior designer Ines Naftali Florals and Events; the activity unfolded under a canopy of full moon and stars.

 Spirits of the Tsars Vodka ™ reappeared to complement free flowing vintage reserve wines by vintners J. Lohr, Papi, and YaYa.  The night evolved into a love affair between off-the-grid, thought provoking art, and stellar global cuisine.

Elin Trousdale, doyenne at Lighthouse Point’s Le Bistro (called by Zagat Guide one of the top 10 French in South Florida) and a triumphant survivor of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares was accompanied by Tai Dempster onto the culinary stage. Lip smacking rosettes of Florida snapper crudo, featuring a bouquet of julienne baby carrots on a disk of hand cured chorizo and deep red radish were topped with a drizzle of zesty habanero dressing. / 

Direct from stints in Manhattan’s most acclaimed kitchens, Chef Deniz with her nine-month baby, Aiden, on her hip, displayed ‘Performance Art under duress’. An afternoon absorbed in art overload was more enticing with Deniz’s delicate mélange of succulent Maine lobster, Basmati rice, micro basil, cumin, pine nuts (Turkish not Chinese) fresh Rock Garden mint and sumac rolled into tubes of tender Khashman cabbage.

Gerdy Rodriguez, Restaurant Group’s chief consultant & restaurateur and his bella Senora presented the finish of Mexican Chocolate Flan Caramel, Cayenne-Cocoa Crumble, and Cinnamon Ice Cream. Carumba!

Allied Kitchens ™ supplied the only kitchen convenience  Allied brothers Bill  and Joe Feinberg accompanied by the  second generation Michael Feinberg rolled in a massive, one-ton marble table.  Their mobile custom island is replete with an imported slab of  Cesar stone quartz, top drawer Viking range grill and the rectangle island fashioned from 2nd growth zabrano wood imported directly from Gabon, Cameroon, and Congo. The finely hewed hulk was rolled onto the Red Dot’s unadorned wooded deck with ease.

Without the benefit of running water, electrical lighting, or cutlery, the three presenting chef’s epicurean mastery was even more evident. Red Dot’s George Bill is could barely show restraint when it came to tasting and testing the dishes that were visibly smart and stunning.

The main nod to a thematic affinity was George’s, Wynwood Old World Cigar Lounge with Julio hand rolling fragrant tobacco leaves into redolent cigars on the spot.

A Night For a Blanc et Noir Movie & Plates in Technicolor By Christian Testa

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December 6, 2012 – Art Basil Night I

Art Basil’s opening night unfolded at La Gloutennerie’s Vintage Kitchen, a two story, free standing eatery surrounded by a lush garden in the most southern point of South Beach. The posh dining destination is grounded in the tradition of a French boulangerie replete with retro blanc et noir photos gracing the walls, artisanal cheeses under glass counters, and a salumi bar reminiscent of a family style Trattoria in Roma’s Piazza Novana.

Chef Christian Testa and sous chef Aurelin feted the elegantly attired guests with their version of show-stopping  ‘cicchetti’ (tapa like plates served in Venetian bars). With ingredients that included a salmon mousse, a squeeze of Florida citrus, a dab of basil pesto, savory gazpacho, and buttery flakes of Parmigiano-Reggiano.  Spirits of the Tsars, the vodka world’s newest top drawer ‘reveal’ was served and is being called ‘perhaps the best liquor ever made’ by Vodka Buzz.   From yachtsmen Mark Owens and Chris Nolan, the Spirits of the Tsars is an infusion of rare pear, apple and Madagascar vanilla was served to adoring denizens of the night in crystal flutes fashioned in the Ukraine.  The exclusive gathering commemorated the launch of with Spirits of the Tsars hand crafted bottles  replete with more 24 carat gold than rapper Kanye West’s front teeth.

Future  Gatherings to be posted within days.  Visit us soon for the new confirmed Calendar.

Art Basil, Galleries to Dine For where Food is a Feast for the Eyes

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Miami Beach, Wynwood District-Florida The connection between the euphemistically named ‘ArtBasil’ ( and Art Basel/Art Miami may seem tenuous. Guests attending the three hallmark ArtBasil affaires unanimously agreed on  one cohesive point,  “that serious ‘art’ appreciation was made more palatable with Master Chefs sampling their made on-the-spot ‘gourmet bites’ prepared by internationally acclaimed chefs and paired with stellar spirits and libations!”.

Celebrating its 11th year December 5-9, 2012, Art Basel (and Art Miami) permeated South Florida once again with the intoxicating aroma of turpentine, rampant commercialism, horn blaring grid lock and galleries jammed like clown cars.  The unbridled success of ArtBasil was predicated on the immutable fact that no matter how sophisticated or primary the activity everyone still must ‘eat’.

ArtBasil’s creators and cultivators served up global artistic culture through a prism of  finley prepared food and hand crafted libations to share, awe, and inspire as a homage to the vision and perseverance of Art Basel-Art Miamis’ founders.

Eschewing the idea of a cohesive brand, the ad hoc ArtBasil gatherings stand united in their defiance of any singular definition. Guests in attendance were as earnest in the manner of the Slow Food Movement, commercial as a tradeshow and jocular as a good-time gang bent on debauchery.

Embracing the legend of ‘Rock Soup’, where from a simple stone sustenance is born, ‘Basilites’ have one discernible mission.  States  Getty Global Assignments photographer and ArtBasil co-founder,  Steve Levine,  “We are an informal collective advancing the preservation of our fragile planet through resourcefulness and sustainable initiatives.  In other words FINE FOOD + LIQUOR = PARTY”.

The coterie of participants and media attending ArtBasil combined their love for contemporary art with moments of epicurean bliss.   Whetting appetites were exhibits that questioned gender polemics at the La Rete Art Projects’, ‘Boys or Girls? Who cares?’, Mauro Nicoletti’s consistently minimal Magazzino installations ( and Peter Anton’s experimental ‘Sugar and Gomorrah’, a reworked Carnival Ride.   Countering Art Basil’s basic principle of  ‘waste not, want not’ there were ubiquitous displays of  gluttony in the way of obscenely priced Picasso’s  and Dali’s.

Chefs participating in the premiere ArtBasil rallied with a quantifiable reevaluation of how the food and beverage industry is interacting with the environment.  All along the food and beverage chain, fine food purveyors are donning ‘green genes’.  There is a new found understanding of what needs to be done to economize for survivals sake. This shift is evident in the way menu items are sourced, kitchens are run, and waste is dispensed with.  Participating chefs created menus and pairings that were designed to turn heads and invoke sighs of bliss.

ArtBasil reckons back to a time when social gatherings were not ‘friendings’ on Facebook and spam.  Community interaction was defined with picnics serving the other ‘spam’ and open houses with family and friends were just an excuse to break out the ice, , light up and enjoy each  others company.  ArtBasil brings together culinary wizards long separated from their di

December 2, 2012 Save the Dates
Greetings. Culinary Art Basil’s Media, Press and Advocates,
PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Art Basil’s 3 three celebrations/gatherings are of an intimate nature. Please resist the temptation to post your invitation on your respective social media outlets until after the fact.
however. Please feel free to circulate this ‘SAVE THE DATE’ among your valued friends, family,professional colleagues and fellow media partners.
Please submit your RSVP list at least 12 hours before the event. to (Any Art Week/ Press Member with Credential is invited to cover the affaire, rsvp please) Watch the Home page for Current Calendar. (Schedule)

ners by a kitchen door and centuries of decorum to advance the notion that, ‘food shared is food paired with memories and moments savored’.                                                                                                                             

Steve Levine of Steady 70, principles from Vector International Pictures , Celia Evans of PlanetFashionTV and RestaurantProducer’s Jerry Prendergast launched the idea of ArtBasil on November 10, 2012 drawing inspiration from Charlie Coiner and Jonathan Rousseau at the helm of Rock Garden Herbs.

With over capacity attendance at each gathering, ArtBasil collaborators are assured their unique recipe of  “pairing food with art and film is a winning formula that has already garnered an enthusiastic following of foodies and fans, ” confirms Production Manager Katherine Danaher Chade.

By-invitation-only Art patrons and Red Dot’s exhibitors were joined by a bonafide Princess, Sheikh H. of Dubai, and Stefan and Sandy Segal, two generations of the family owned Atlantic Coast Developers.  Their ACD team has built some of the Caribbean and South Florida’s most luxurious resorts and golf courses.  Rumors floated around that the CEO of Zagat Guide had covertly ‘popped’ in to rub shoulders with a cadre of art students craving a bit of sustenance to augment their meager diets of Maruchan Ramen Noodles. 

To launch the ArtBasil visual reality and brand Nova Villanueva of  devised show stopping artistic direction and graphics.  Rhiana Hritz, led up the production team with assistance from Stewart Simmons, Nic Sharas and Elliot Schrib.  Photographers Emmanuel Salvant, Christina Strong and Don Parchment captured the colorful proceedings on their digital cameras.

Having recorded the likes of the ‘the 21st Century Doors’ and ‘the Four Tops’;  Jim Kalamasz, of the legendary Spectrum Studios produced the audio portion of live performances and endorsements that were heard over the din of munching and crunching.   Brett Miller blogged and provided on-the-spot ideas to keep guests and sponsors happy, while the respected Law Firm of Steve Rossi provided appreciative kudos and taste testing combined with helpful legal consul.

Future ArtBasil gatherings are in the hopper and will be announced within days.

By Cristiane Roget (

Edit Provided by Elin Trousdale, of Le Bistro in Lighthouse Point.

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