DRAFT Article 5 By: Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent AdAvenueGroup/Forbes France

hlhildegard.jpg Harkening back to year 1212 when German Benedictine abbess , Hildegard of Bingen, who was anointed in 2012 as an original contributor to holistic medicine derived from plants with healing properties was the de facto Patron Saint of the USA CBD EXPO. Her herbal potions, poultices and seed based pastes were described by her as 'Veriditas', a word that is synonymous with optimal health in body and spirit.

A millennium later Veriditas has gone viral embracing the notion that health is a feeling of lushness, overall wellbeing that can be bottled. Practitioners and purveyors alike are advancing the Hippocratic Oath, that espouses "first do no harm". Among the CBD crowd there is a concerted push back against the nations bloated and dysfunctional "sick" care system.

White coat corporate MD's are crossing the aisles where Green Coat Naturopaths are advancing treatments that run the gamut from Stem Cell therapies, peptides, and all manner of cannabidiol (CBD) based ingestible and topical applications. Guests worked the aisles seeking vetted information from the experts. Exhibitors advanced the tenets of functional medicine while educating an inquisitive public of the cornucopia of tested CBD products that are viable alternatives to the drug industry rife with Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR's) and chemical addictions.

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Matt Rose - of Great Leaf, A New Leaf on Life and Peter Hannah PCR Genix Exhibit at SWIM THE GLOBE, Sustainable Swim Week Eco Lounge and Gifting Suite, Seen at SWIM THE GLOBE, and USA CBD EXPO, "It is never a bad time to talk about the benefits of Cannabidiol" say Matt. Also seen with Josh Waschal, World class DJ, Amber, Elizabeth and Victoria

In excess of 15 CBD targeted magazines, Cox Media, Miami New Times and AdAvenueGroup / Forbes France covering the Expo media visibility was in the gazillions. CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Charles Warner of Innovation & Tech Today, Residential Tech Today was joined by Dr. Laura and her new product line Hemp & Heroes ™ to coincide with the debut of Cannabis and Tech Today.

DRAFT Article 3 By: Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent AdAvenueGroup/Forbes France Miami Beach/FL Not limited to beverages, tinctures, topical applications and vapes, the humble Hemp plant is more and more associated with food, paper, bio plastics, insulation, and even as a fossil fuel alternative for cleaner air and biodiversity in the future.

Vasiliki Karlin_Products.jpg "Adding to its versatility , Hemp is used as a raw material in the manufacturer of textiles, clothing, shoes, fashion accessories and beauty , hair and skin products," according to Vasiliki Karlin , founder of Nayked Botanicals ™. Her CBD infused mosquito repellant and sunscreen were standouts at 'sustainable' SWIM THE GLOBE and the Eco Luxury Gifting Lounge during SWIM WEEK.

Karlin's representatives were exploring strategic alliances for her private label CBD infused formulas. A respected medical esthetician and med spa consultant Vasiliki has collaborated on pure and organic formulas with Climate Change 2041 Ambassador and President of Allay Pharmaceuticals Rosy Sultana on the breakthrough Butterfliyz portfolio of skin, d body products Butterfliyz is thrilled to announce the birth of Cosmeceutical Skincare Line promising the metamorphosis of five key areas: Acne, Anti-Aging, Sensitivity, Sun Damage and Exfoliation. . Ms. Sultana an underwriter of Swim the Globe and Endeavor's Miss USA Pageant.

Several other CBD driven companies that participated in SWIM WEEK and the USA CBD EXPO were Matt Rose and Josh Wagschal makers of the 'new leaf on life' Great Leaf ™. Scouring the aisles for break through products were Fresh Food Distributors with robust down lines that included Ignite, Beast 440 and Paul Pizzo's PDF Foods. With warehouse in Detroit and Delray wanted to augment the robust demand for VYBE Waters , Natalie's Orchid Island Juices and Pop Fusion Fresh Natural Popsicles, he was looking to increase his fourth generation portfolio of farm fresh products.

DRAFT I Article 2   By: Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent AdAvenueGroup/Forbes France Miami Beach/FL The USA CBD Expos standout beverage was the launch of Coldfire Roasters, the new gold standard of CBD infused Colombian and Cuban coffee. This one of a kind originates in the Sierra Maesta Mountains...

DRAFT ARTICLE 1 August 11, 2019 I PLEASE SUBMIT EDITS TO rogetlink@adavenuegroup.vip & info@syrunner.net By: Cristiane Roget, Sr. Correspondent AdAvenueGroup/Forbes France

Two consecutive world class events unspooled in Miami Beach this last month within the breathtaking re-imagined Miami Beach Convention Hall that seems to be inspired by an undulating whale.

The 30th annual SWIM WEEK - Miami was joined at its tail end with the world's first USA CBD EXPO. The two consecutive world-class trade shows exuded a synergy that combined the allure of the fashion world's sexiest display of swim and resort wear collections and the most powerful exhibit of CBD health, wellness and beauty products found anywhere to date. Boasting over 700 exhibitors representing well over 1000 brands containing cannabis, hemp or Cannabidiol (CBD) in their ingredient profile. Gathered under one vast rook the CBD Expo offered more compelling and powerful alternatives to 'Big Pharma' found anywhere to date.

The USA CBD Expo had a full circle business model from seed to shelf on display. Exhibitors included growers, harvesters, laboratories, processors, sourcing centers, delivery and financing systems, and wholesale to retail distribution, and of course the product makers from side gig start-ups to Forbes 5000's.

MrGeorge.jpg Spokes model and entrepreneur Gabriela Jasmine Yamini made an appearance at Swim the Globe Eco Lounge and USA CBD Expo. Celebrating the launch of EarthyCreations, a prebiotic, garden-fresh rehydrated exotic fruit treat. No stranger to celebrities, Jasmine confirmed "Maroon 5 insisted that Earthy Creations ™ be served in their Green Room.

Sustainable Swim Week is honored to be the site of the global launch of Butterfliyz, a portfolio of products, focusing on five key areas: Acne, Anti-Aging, Sensitivity, Damage and Exfoliation. EVENT GALLERY  https://youtu.be/q22ksSdQi5A The founder of Butterfliyz is an esteemed steward of the unique environment that has nurtured...

Tuesday, December 2 from 6PM  to 10PM ArtBasil VIII Joins Red Dot Fair for the 3rd year in co-hosting the Red Dot Fair Gala I Art Opening and Culinary Celebration to coincide with Art Basel and Miami Art Week. By melding the epicurean genius of...

  Art Basil founders and City Of Miami Public Transportation Collaborate on Gridlock Relief during  Art Basel-Art Miami 2014 For real-time information on the Miami Trolley Regular Routes, please visit miami.etaspot.net.  Biscayne Route provides service from Brickell to Midtown Miami and Design District.  A smart phone app, Miami Trolley, is...