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Bolt that Clown Car – Escape the Gridlock. This year’s Art Basel Smart Set hopped an Uber and headed over to the West Side – FAD.District * – the new art & design destination de riguer  – with more galleries, chic boutiques, secret hideaways, vintage bricks & mortars,  gourmet homestyle eateries with  Miami’s  oldest pub ‘Rosa’s (keeping everyone lubed ’til the wee hours ) **than colors in a  Crayon Box.

*Fashion Allapatthah Design District (FAD.D.)

* *(still mourning the demise of Tobacco Road)

ART TOOK CENTER STAGE WITH EMPOWERING WORKS BY A DOZEN ARTISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS & SCULPTURES TO COINCIDE WITH ART BASEL 2018 – THE NEWLY IMAGINED FAIRWIND HOTEL FRIDAY – DECEMBER 7  COMMEMORATED THE OPENING OF THEIR AMERICAN CLASSIC STYLE DINING DESTINATION APTLY NAMED 10TH & COLLINS.AND MIAMI FASHION COLLECTIVE in the heart of the FAD.D created a daylight garden party that rolled into a blinky light night reception with prosecco by Lamborghini and home brew by South Beach Brewery flowing free for those who purchased the antique commemorative Art Basil 2018 glass.  SATURDAY – DECEMBER 8 , hosted by the indomitable Jennifer Sclafani, Jeffrey Lubin, Stewart Price, Jermaine Kidd, Jose Amico and the MFC Fan Club.

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Miami’s cultural landscape has pushed West of I-95 Freeway to encompass the Fashion Allapattha Design District (FAD.D. An Anchor to the South on NW 7th Ave at 17th Street in the works is an ergonomic Dutch mixed use housing project and commercial destination. The ground floor is a rain forest and arboretum.  Due North is a flurry of new galleries, converted warehouses, eclectic eateries with a bounty of fresh fish on many menus, special note Laguna- when Chef Jacob is on duty, order the whole Pargo Roja… indie radio station ‘Jolt’, the jammin’ DAILY sneaker shop, the 39th FLAMINGO by the Pound Vintage clothes Mecca and the Miami Fashion Collective in a 1926 rejuvenated Bungalow, courtesy of JQ and Associates.  Head due west under any I-95 overpass. It’s the wild wild west with out the blaring sirens  and gunslingers.

The 8th Annual ARTBASIL.ORG ART ACTIVATION & CHEF’S SHOWCASE.  The Tortellini Entre fed a hundred famished guests prepped on a hot plate (Miss Sclafani a seasoned swimwear & resort Rep may have missed her calling)  Stewart Price and Jose Amico renowned fashion photographers morphed into mixologists  with fresh strawberry lemon cocktails, flutes of Lamborghini Prosecco and seasonal fruit infused South Beach Brews courtesy of Lorenzo Borghese and Trey Jagger.  Libations incorporated  Thai Basil home grown by Jonathan Roussel and Team agrarians of  ROCK GARDEN HERB’S, whose President Charlie Coiner  conceived of the first ArtBasil in 2013 as a guerrilla performance. Team Rock  covertly delivering huge wooden pots in the cover of night to Scope, Red Dot, Art America and Casa Casuarina with a “Welcome to Art Basil” sign stuck in the potting dirt.  Rock Garden Herbs is the nation’s foremost  purveyor of fresh grown edible herbs.  Sir Dylan Duke spinned sexy deep house, an acoustic performance by Ignacio Naranjo – and a filmed mural Performance  by Yanluis Bergareche kept all the guests senses sated!  731 NW 28th Street, Miami.

The renowned Sculptor, SALVATORE ZAGAMI, father of Chemical Line Imagery, has exhibited in the company of Fernando Botero, Kenny Scharf, Andrew Wyeth and Conrad Marca-Relli.  His world view is “Making my art is my only way to participate in the world. It is better to create than destroy. Destruction is simple. People who create rather than destroy are evolving into the architects of our society and the standard bearers of a hopeful future. “

YANLUIS BERGARECHE a masterful futuristic realist and is something of a rock star in the cosmopolitan Havana, Cuba. Bergareche relies on a profound connection with the nature of things.  He depicts a world that is off kilter and out of sync with the natural harmony that is life itself.  This prescience is evident in his breathtaking obras exhibited for the first time to coincidewith  ArtBasel – Miami, an event and art fair that has its genesis in a celebration and veneration of Latin Art, from Botero to Bergareche.

Behind a visage of Zen like calm, Bergareche is an artist that commands his craft with imagery of roiling complexity.  Bergareche is a milestone on the darkly lit road once traveled by the likes of  H.R. Giger a friend and kind and gentle soul, Bosch, Brueghel, Lovecraft, Poe and Kafka.


He brings his global perspective to his local surroundings at the crossroads of Little Haiti to Little Havana, Allapattah and Wynwood. As a photgrapher he has no equal , a fastidious approach that captures the essence of the world’s most iconic and beautiful women. For a portfolio or bookings contact Miami Fashion Collective.


“My Art is transparent, my artist name is TRAN$PARENT and my message to all of humanity is no matter  what your economic status be true to yourself, your loved ones and peers. Josh Leidolf known as Ultra Fine Luxury Money Artist “TRAN$PARENT” is an American Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Journalist, World Traveler and Artist.  He specializes in all American denominations from the $1 to the 10 K and various rare international currencies.

His contemporary archival metallic images include followers with the Dan Marino Foundation, Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat, Chris Osiola , Pitt Bull among them.  TRAN$PARENT use of depth perception distinguishes him as the only artist depicting all three layers of the bill on one image., transparentartist .com


All of Dudley Bacquie’s work is one of a kind.  With over 200 works currently owned by private collectors and those who have believed in his passion; ArtBasel 2018 marks a world debut for Dudley Bacquie.

Also on display is the breathtaking works of Cerj LaLonde,, Rachel Harris, Shawn Kolodny, Jose Amico and the ‘always at the ready’ ,  .

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With the Daunting Gridlock That is ArtBasel – Artists Come to Collectors with Pop-Up Group Exhibits from FAD.D. in West Wynwood to FAENA

For Immediate Release – December 3, 2018

Sr. Correspondent- Cristiane Roget for / ForbeFrancais


Miami/FL FRIDAY – DECEMBER 7, 4PM – 8PM.  Lawrence Johansen, Publisher of Livin’ Lux, Jennifer Sclafani Founder of Miami Fashion Collective and media partners AdAvenueGroup / VIPictures  are inviting Art Enthusiasts, Collectors and members of the media to the HOTEL FAIRWIND, at 1000 Collins Avenue 33139 in South Beach, Florida. Guests are invited  to a Champagne Collector’s Preview and Rooftop Reception presided over by Lisa Sussman, TV Host, Author and Affordable Smart Habitat Advocate, Woman of Achievement 2018 with informal press conference to Meet the 12 Artists and experience the trend setting product activations produced by Miami Fashion Collective in Association with Stanford Emporium and set to coincide with ArtBasel 2018. The citywide pop-ups feature inspiring exhibits and a full portfolio of libations by Lamborghini Estate Wines and South Beach Brewery at the new – to – debut  10 & Collins – Food & Spirits located in the Fairwind of the  4.5  star rated hotel.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, Noon to 9PM. The  MIAMI FASHION COLLECTIVE Group Exhibit and  GARDEN OPEN HOUSE PARTY unfurls  in West Wynwood in the heart of the  Fashion Allapattah Design District (FAD.D.) The all-day outdoor gathering includes the 8th Annual ARTBASIL.ORG CHEF’S SHOWCASE.  Complimentary Wine and Spirits will  be served  and  the chef and mixologist demo  incorporates Thai Basil sponsored by ROCK GARDEN HERB’S Performance by Ignacio Naranjo  and Performance Art Exhibit by Yanluis Bergareche.  731 NW 28th Street, Miami, 33127. (Corner of NW 7th Ave/State Road 441- 1 Block West of I-95)


The renowned Sculptor, SALVATORE ZAGAMI, father of Chemical Line Imagery, has exhibited in the company of Fernando Botero, Kenny Scharf, Andrew Wyeth and Conrad Marca-Relli,  to name a few. On display will be his ‘psychological’ works as well as his legacy of earlier sculptures and multimedia works.  In evidence is his world view, to paraphrase, “Making my art is my only way to participate in the world. It is better to create than destroy. Destruction is simple. People who create rather than destroy are evolving into the architects of our society and the standard bearers of our hopeful future. ” Titled “Man’s Best Friend” Pretty brazen title for the year of #MeTo

DANIEL STANFORD, fine art luminary has traveled the globe in a quest for higher planes of being.   His signature style is evident on acclaimed campaigns that include Lancôme Cosmetics ™ and Guess Jeans™.  His cultural influences play an integral role in his aesthetic and a multimedia process informs his work as artist, painter and photographer.  His celebrity portraiture appears in the collections of Rhianna, Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga and his equestrian influenced ‘Arabia Dream‘ is featured in the film ‘House of Versace’.  With distinguished Galleries and fellow artist  Data – Stanford will be curating the two group exhibits.

YANLUIS BERGARECHE a masterful futuristic realist is considered a ” rock art star” and immensely successful in the cosmopolitan Havana , Cuba.  Bergareche relies on a profound connection with the nature of things  and depicts a world that is off kilter, and out-of-sync with the natural harmony; that is life itself. This prescience is evident in his breathtaking obras exhibited for the first time to coincide with  ArtBasel – Miami.  The 18th iteration of ArtBasel-Miami is a city wide event and uber art fair that has its genesis in a celebration and veneration of Latin Art, from Botero to Bergareche.

 Behind a visage of Zen like calm, Bergareche is  an artist that commands  his craft with imagery of roiling complexity.   He will exhibit his mastery of the medium with a live mural creation at the Miami Fashion Collective 4PM on Saturday, December 8. 731 NW 28th Street, West Wynwood- FAD.District. (Fashion Allapattah Design District).

Bergareche is a startling milestone on the darkly lit road once traveled by the likes of  H.R. Giger  (the son of a botanist, a friend and kind gentle soul) Bosch, Bruegel, Lovecraft, Poe and Kafka.

We are at a nexus of survival of this curious species  or what seems our inevitable demise…as TS Elliot mused “this is the world ends , this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper…

Also on display will be contemporary works by


RACHEL HARRIS, SHAWN  KOLODNY , CERJ LELONDE currently residing in China and collected by Moroccan Royalty, DUDLEY BASQUIE, JOHN PAUL MARTIN an early collaborator with BRITTO, RICHARD HENRY SAENZ direct from Panama cities burgeoning art scene and and ‘rough and ready’ Fashion Photographer STEWART PRICE.

Saturday – December 8 from Noon to 9PM

Solo performances by singer song writer from Colombia, Ignacio Naranjo, who recorded his first LP in Criteria Studios  home of the Bee Gees and Julio Iglesias among them. He  will be performing original  compositions with  acoustic guitar accompaniment that includes, Sir Dylan Duke spinning Deep House and Alain Guerra organic Percussion throughout the day.  Next door will be four days of celebration of the newly previewed Flamingo Vintage Pound with nonstop musical accompaniment  by the area’s most sought after DJ’s.  Arrive early to leave late.

A $20 donation for commemorative, vintage glassware provides guests with complimentary, premium libations  from  valued sponsors.  Proceeds in part donated  to Wisdom Land & Self Sustaining Shelters –, founded by Dame Munni  Irone of Beverly Hills, CA and New Delhi, India.  Special appreciation extended to the Churchill Center presided over by Dr. Dana Churchill in Los Angeles, CA.


SWEAT LOCK ™ Patent Pending-  Fashioned from high performance, ergonomic Pro-Cool fabric ™  this tech-to-wear has the edge on gadgets like Google Glass, which is expensive, bulky, and downright goofy. Here is a high-tech wearable that is not only ‘cool’ it is,in fact, cooling. SWEAT LOCK ™ increases your comfort zone all for a 3-pack at $19.99.  (AMAZON LINK  ‘Sweat Lock Disposable Hat Liner’)  A sustainable item SWEAT LOCK extends the cap’s lifespan with less waste and more pleasure.  Instead of guarding that priceless limited edition ‘Yankee’ or ‘Heat’ cap under lock and key,  the wearer can sport it in public to the envy of all. No charge for the  bragging rights that are priceless.  According to Jay ‘The Kidd’ the most common question they are asked by purchasing agents and customers is “why did it take so long to come up with this indispensable accessory? “.

SWEAT LOCK, disposable cap liners, the au courant fashion accessory is manufactured in Pennsylvania, the Cayman Islands  an offshore banking capital and one of the planet’s most pristine barrier reefs. Unlike the Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, the Cayman Islands are a short ‘hop skip’ from Miami’s shores where Jay and Danielle are investigating commercial property for another ‘Sweat Lock’ workshop.

Jermaine ‘Jay’  Kidd, says when you wear SWEAT LOCK you  fashion sense moves up a notch, wear it with pride .

 South Beach Brewery – Co-Founder of South Beach Brewing Company, Lorenzo Borghese and Trey Jagger, visionary entrepreneurs will be presenting .  Borghese returned last week from a cooperative global confab in Hong Kong with the founder of Co-Modeco /Pac Rim Business Council Holmes Stoner intent on expanding the South Beach Brewery horizons and affordable homes in South Florida ( .  Borghese , a philanthropist to the core’ modestly down plays his role as a “Bachelor” in ABC’s ninth season.  The Brewer duo will keep guests sated with beer based infusions of Strawberry orange mimosa , south peach Shandy and Blood Orange Sunset.  Yumm!

Lamborghini Estate Wines are award-winning and world renowned. The estate was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini – best known for creating the line of luxury sports cars by the same name and  is located in Umbria near Lake Trasimeno. Watch for Antonio Banderas reprising the life and times of the Lamborghini  ‘famiglia’ along with an A List cast that will be announced soon.   Banderas  as honorary President of Miami Fashion Week has made sustainable and humane fashion his cause and South Florida a frequent and favorite pastime.

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